Winter Catalogue 2013

We are pleased to present our Winter 2013 exhibition catalogue that coincides with Asian Art in London.

The majority of the exhibits offered for sale have remained in private collections for many years, and some were acquired by far-sighted European collectors resident in China in the first half of the last century and before. We do hope those who visit us in London will enjoy the exhibition, and those unable to make the journey will enjoy the catalogue. I would like to thank the following for their help and enthusiasm in the production of this catalogue: Ken Adlard for the photography; Paul Bevan for translations; Adrian Franks of Creative Wisdom for the design and virtual catalogue; Richard Owers of Beacon Press, a carbon neutral printer, for the printing; Kate Francis and Katharine Butler for co-ordinating the project; and Miranda Clarke for the catalogue preparation. We are particularly indebted to Dr Stephen Davies, CSSC Maritime Heritage Research Fellow and Independent Consultant Maritime Historian, for his extensive research on the oil painting of Chinese troops engaging pirates on the China coast, no. 113.

Roger Keverne